Onepiece rowing suits | custom

Onepiece rowing suits, all-in-ones, onsies - we supply them to national teams, High Performance Centres, Clubs, Universities, Colleges and Schools throughout United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Following extensive research and development, and listening to feedback from our customers and the wider rowing community – the result is our most comfortable rowing suit yet.

We use a lightweight fabric with enhanced wicking properties to keep you comfortable. As a result of this, all suits now have a lining in the back of the shorts only – this means an improved comfortable fit without bulk or restriction.

In the past we used to use two layers of fabric front and back – however this limited the wicking capabilities of the layer next to your skin, and customers didn’t like this. So we looked at an alternative. The layer at the back was just for comfort when seated, so we sourced a fabric which has great hydrophilic properties – and ability to wick moisture and keep it away from you skin.

On our top of the range Power rowing suits we have replaced regular overlocked seams and use a process called flat-seaming – where 2 layers of fabric to be joined are overlapped and joined using 6 threads giving a completely flat seam. For a garment worn next to the skin I am sure you will agree this is the most comfortable solution.

To compliment this we now use sublimation print process to create most customisation within the rowing suit. This means our design possibilities are almost unlimited, but we can also eliminate any extra bulky seams, which would be required in the old method for stripes and bands.

There are endless options in terms of designs and styles - we will show you some ideas here, but really your are not tied down to picking one of them.