CHINOOK rowing suit

The Chinook template features a a side panel which flares onto the front and back of the shorts.

The main shorts can be from the in-stock colours of Black, Navy, Royal, Green, Maroon, Red with the vest fully customisable along with the side stripe.

The vest can be plain in-stock colour, or customised in any way

The  side stripe, can be one colour, 2 or 3 stripes, or contain lettering or a logo for instance - its really up to you

Here are a few designs which are based on the Chinook template

Coolplus polyester fabric

Coolplus thermal

Lycra Power 

Lycra Igloo - with polyester suitable for sublimation printing

Lycra Thermal - 

Zero Wind membrane - used in our lightweight splash jacket

Zero Wind Thermal membrane 


Power range of rowing suits, shorts and leggings are made using 6 thread flat seams for extra comfort when worn - no more bulky seams where strips of fabric have been joined together. 

Rowing suits all have additional thin elastic on the necklines, which help the garment to keep its shape