Care Instructions

To prolong the life of your new rowing or cycling kit, we recommend taking some extra care and attention when washing & drying.

All the items can be machine washed, however please pay attention to the care instructions and temperature guidelines. You don’t need to use special detergents or powders, but everything should be washed as soon as possible after wearing, try not to leave your clothing lying damp in the bottom of your kit bag.

All our garments are manufactured using colour fast garments; however problems may occur if you wash with other non-colour fast garments or very dark items of clothing including denim.

  • Use cold water setting - 30º maximum
  • Do not use bleach or any detergent with bleach – check the labels
  • Do not use fabric conditioner – this damages Lycra and restricts wicking properties
  • Do not use tumble dryers – always line dry
  • Do not dry on a radiator, or other direct heat
  • Do not iron

Our advice it to use your common sense and use the product for its intended use. A full time athlete or coach using their product every day will need to replace it sooner than someone training once per week.

There is a good set of detailed instructions in our blog 

Rips, tears and holes – we know that accidents can happen. We offer a very reasonable repair service. If your product should meet an unforeseen accident please call us so we can talk about your options.