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We can take the hassle out of organising your team or club order. No more order forms, collecting money or having to keep clothing stock at the club.

No more order forms – individuals can order on-line
No more collecting money – individuals pay for their own orders online

One of the main reasons for having an order window on the Team Store is to allow all the club members to order and pay for their own kit orders, but together avail of the group discounts. 

An order via the TeamStore moves at a different pace than a generic online order (eg buying something from Amazon).  Your individual order becomes part of a larger team/club order. Once everyone has placed their order, we collate it, manufacture each piece, and then sort it all out into individual orders for shipping. 

We will open your club’s TeamStore several times a year, at times to suit you, for 1-2 weeks at a time. The price you pay will ultimately depend on how many other people from your club also order during the window.  We will not know for sure what the final price you pay will be until the window closes and we can count up all the orders.  Sorry our website cannot show a live update, but hopefully most items will at least be in the 4-9 price band. 

Orders are normally despatched 6-8 weeks after the order window closing date directly to the club kit rep. Your order will be individually packed and labelled for you.

All items ordered through the TeamStore are custom-made, we don’t keep any of these items in stock. As they are all custom-made to order, in club colours or with additional logos and lettering they cannot be returned for exchange or refund.

Search for your club or team name via the alphabetical list below. If you can’t find your club name it means that there isn’t a TeamStore set-up for your club yet or we are not a supplier to your club.  Many clubs prefer to order directly with us, to obtain even greater discounts. 

If you represent a club not listed here but would like us to set up something like this for your club kit, please email

Please see our FAQ for more info

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